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From l-r. Far left, Stock Ray I barrel, polished on the interior, muzzle break made from six rows of six drilled holes. Progressive patters (smaller to larger from bore to muzzle. Middle left, Stock Ray I barrel, interior and exterior polished with jewler's rouge. Very Shiny. Whisper break of 3 rows of 11 1/8" holes drilled in the bottom middle section. A muzzle break made from 8 cut slots (parrallel to direction of ball travel. Middle right, Stock Ray I barrel heavily ported to use with volume control. Polished interior and exterior with rubbing/polishing compound. Pretty shiny. 5 rows of 15 holes, straight and progressively ported. The far right barrel is used for example, my best barrel to date. Stock SL-68 II (pump) Polished with wet sandpaper hone (ala Quake) and polishing/rubbing compound. The muzzle break is made from 6 rows of 6 drilled holes. To finish each hole, I beveled the exterior (sort of like on a LAPCO). Looks very good and shoots very straight. As a side note, the only barrel empiracally tested is the whisper ported barrel. All barrels seem to shoot straight and better than stock barrels.

Just a shot of me looking goofy in fatigues.

Shot of me shooting my Sugar Ray v.II indoors. Actually the marker is not gassed up and has no paintballs in it.

Shot of me holding same above Ray.

Shot of the gripframe from the SR (Sugar Ray) v.II grip frame with the two-finger trigger installed. This frame also has a remote nipple attached and a bottom line.

The SR v.II with the SRDT (Sugar Ray Double Trigger) installed. I also have the bottom line, remote set-up, power feed, and J&J 12" SS muzzle breaked (broken?) barrel

The same SR v.II as above, except this has my Remora/Lapco and Lapco barrel plug attached, for comparison with the above.

12" J&J Stainless Steel Stingray I barrel on top and 12" LAPCO Spyder barrel on bottom for comparison.

12" J&J Stainless Steel Stingray I barrel with muzzle break.

12" LAPCO Autospirit Spyder barrel with barrel plug. Below it are two Remoras, the original black, and the latest version in gold.

SRDT (double trigger) on the left, and stock Ray trigger on the right.

The Sugar Ray Modifications:

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