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Here's my Sidray (FAQ level 2 ++) i.e. the Sugar Ray. Just like me it's understated and often underestimated, but it is deceptively fast, accurate, and reliable. One of the great things about owning a 'Ray is that most people think its a hunk of junk, until your paint starts raining on their head and they start wondering how you made your full-auto 'Ray. What I have: Completely polished internals, ported and polished valve, extensive trigger work (about 1/6" total trigger travel), Comando Bottom Line, Power Feed, 12" J&J Stainless Steel barrel (no porting in this pic), APP dominator 240 rnd loader, custom front sights. I can convert this gun in seconds to use a bobbed barrel shroud and one of my three ported and polished stock barrels or I can add my volume control device to any ported barrel in about 5 seconds.

More Sugar Ray Photos

The Sugar Ray Modifications:

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