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These instructions are presented here for informational purposes only. Any modifications you choose to do to your gun, you do so at your own risk. Be sure to REMOVE the CO2 or other gas source from any paintball marker before you attempt disassembly. Wear eye protection when using ANY power tools. If unsure about safely modifying your gun, consult a professional airsmith. Remember, safety must ALWAYS come first!

Submitted by Chris (aka Sugar Ray)

Stingray I Barrel Shroud Modification-A

1) Item Modified - Front Sights - Stingray I barrel shroud

2) Expected Results - The front sight will be removable and interchangeable between different barrels that do not use a stock Stingray I barrel shroud. It will be moveable from the front to the rear of the barrel length for different cosmetic and sighting preferences.

3) Materials Used - Stingray I barrel shroud, hacksaw, Sandpaper or round file or Dremel w/ sanding drum, X-Acto knife

4) Description of Process - Measure 1-1/4 inches from the tip of the barrel shroud that has the sight on it and mark the spot. Saw all the way through the barrel shroud at this spot . On the end of the piece you just cut off the shroud, sand or file down the inside of the piece so it will slide up and down the length of a barrel. I worked slowly; sanding, filing, and testing the fit.

When I was through, the fit was snug enough to keep the sight in place. I used the X-Acto knife and round file for the best results. I also used a Dremel and sanding attachment, which worked equally as well. Hand sanding is the slowest. If you have barrels with different outer diameters, file it to match the barrel with the bigger OD. So far, mine will fit a J&J, if I use a little masking tape as a spacer, and will fit snugly on a stock Ray I barrel.

**Another option is to cut off the front sight piece and epoxy it to the front of a Ray sight rail. This way, it will work on either a 'Ray I or 'Ray II. The only disadvantage here is that the sight will not be adjustable.

5. Results - Works great. This allows you to use the original Ray I hard sights, which work pretty well. It also allows the sights to be adjusted. This is useful in two areas. Firstly, the marker can be sighted in with different barrels by moving the sights back and forth along the barrel. Moving the sights forward will raise the point of impact at the target. Moving the sights backward (toward you) will lower the point of impact at the target.

Secondly, it allows the sight to be moved to accommodate different porting patterns on different barrels. I also can be adjusted for purely cosmetic purposes.


Stingray I Barrel Shroud Modification-B

1) Item Modified - Stingray I barrel shroud

2) Expected Results - Bob/shorten the original barrel shroud so barrels with extensive porting can be used. It will also lighten the weight of the 'Ray. It will also make the lines of the 'Ray more visually appealing.

3) Materials - 'Ray I barrel shroud, hack saw, X-Acto knife, sandpaper, masking tape

4) Description of Procedure - From the end of the barrel shroud that fits in the 'Ray, measure 3 and one-half inches. Use the hacksaw and cut through the barrel shroud on the mark. Finish the rough edges of the cut with the X-Acto knife and sandpaper. Next, you may want to remove the top rail of the barrel shroud that is now sticking out in space. You can use the hack saw (Dremel with cut-off wheel works also) to do this. I finished this cut with the Dremel and sanding drum. You could easily use the X-Acto and sandpaper to do the same.

Next, you need to add some spacers to help the shroud fit better in the 'Ray and so the barrel is snug in the shroud. I wrapped the masking tape one time on the lower half of the barrel shroud. I put it in two places on either side of the Barrel pin holes. The spacers on the barrel are a little trickier. I wrapped ten complete revolutions on each stock Ray barrel in three places. I wrapped directly between the two slits on the barrel, directly in front of the second slit on the barrel (toward the muzzle from the last wrap), and about a quarter of an inch in front of that (same direction of travel). Again, ten complete wraps in each place. I had to take about one-half a wrap off each spot to get it to fit in the shroud.

When done, the shroud and barrel should fit snugly in the 'Ray I receiver. Be sure to use the barrel pins to help hold it all in place.

5) Results - This is awesome. I like the look better than the old shroud. Plus, this allows the use of barrels with extensive porting. It also allows the use of the adjustable front sights. The 'Ray is lighter and maybe even more accurate (no anti-muzzle break as with the old shroud).

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