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Here are the pictures of my stingray using both a vertical tank and a clamp style drop forward.

It also has:

  • Boss Progressive barrel
  • Starfire bolt
  • Polished internals
  • Quake style trigger job
  • Home made double trigger
  • Quake style bottomline adaptor block
  • Rear cocking with beaver tail style guard
  • VL2000 hopper

About the vertical mount, it's really quite simple. If you look on the front part of the grip frame you will notice a flat spot. This is almost big enough to fit an Automag vertical adaptor. You just need to cut back part of the section with the Stingray logo on it and file down the corners of the front flat spot so the vertical adaptor fits snugly. (see picture vert2.jpg).

To make sure that it is strong enough I put a piece of brass strip between the mounting screw and the frame.


Dave Johnson (aka Fubarius)

aka Fubarium on AOL



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