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These instructions are presented here for informational purposes only. Any modifications you choose to do to your gun, you do so at your own risk. Be sure to REMOVE the CO2 or other gas source from any paintball marker before you attempt disassembly. Wear eye protection when using ANY power tools. If unsure about safely modifying your gun, consult a professional airsmith. Remember, safety must ALWAYS come first!

Submitted by Jason Ayres (aka Commando)

M-16 Look-Alike Stingray

I've been thinking about a pretty cool idea for a 'Ray mod. Now not to say the 'Ray doesn't kick butt stock, but this would make it a little more personal and fitted to the user. I call this mod the Commando M-16 Look-a-Like mod. I haven't got all the bugs worked out, and as a matter of fact it's still in the planning stage. So I was thinking You could put it under the mods section and all us genius STINGers can brainstorm on it and make it that much better. Basicaly all this mod does is make the gun more comfortable to use and helps improve accuracy by making it more like a real rifle. It involves getting a longer barrel (for the RayII not the RayI), and putting on an M-16 style foregrip and stock (Co2 goes inside the stock). And the addition of an M-16 style front sight pin.

Let us know if you have any ideas!

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