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Protecting your eyesight is the number one priority in paintball. ALWAYS wear an eye/facemask designed specifically for paintball whenever you are on the playing field, at the chrono station, or practice range. Modern paintball masks are much more comfortable than those in the past, and afford much more protection, especially for the ears.

A few words about lenses - The #1 enemy to a paintball player is fogging. If your lens fogs up, you can't see! Remember, never, ever remove your mask on the playing field, even if it fogs up! If you have a fogging problem, don't despair! Here are some suggestions:

A good mask/goggle combination will range in price from $25 to $75, used even less. (If you buy a used mask, replace the old lens with a new one for safety.) Talk to other players before you decide. Go to your local shop and try some on. If you wear glasses, make sure they fit inside the goggles. (Some masks, usually with an "OTG" [Over-The-Glasses] classification, are made specifically for glasses wearers.) Make sure they're comfortable and give a good field of view.

Below are some of the many masks available.

Brass Eagle/Leader

One of the newest and most unique masks is the Brass Eagle Extreme Vision 280. (pictured at far left) The Extreme Vision has the best view of any on the market - a full 280 degrees! And although it has a single pane lens, it doesn't seem to have the fogging problems associated with single lenses. The lens is also very scratch resistant. With a price tag of around $50-60, it's less expensive than some of the other mask systems. Plus, it looks cool!

Brass Eagle also has their Leader masks, which are very decent. My son uses a Leader and he loves it! It doesn't fog, is very comfortable to wear, and was very reasonably priced.

For more information, visit Brass Eagle's website.

Click here for an important safety notice regarding the Extreme Vision 280.

Scott USA

Scott masks are also very popular. A full line, including single and double pane lenses. Pictured is their new BadAss system. Visit their website for more info.



Probably the most widely used paintball mask in the industry. Single and double lenses, anti-fog inserts, "tear-offs", and even the X-Wind fan. Visit their website for more info.

Vents Rage

Vents have been around for a long time. Not a very large line, but still popular. Pictured is their Rage system with throat armor.


Combat Vision

Combat Vision has no fog inserts to fit most any existing single pane lens. Visit their website for more information.


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