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Andy McFadden's Stingray

Andy's Ray on top, his brother's on bottom Click on pics for larger images

Andy's Ray. Click on pics for larger images

.45 Frame with ANS wrap arounds (the frame is the only custom part i did not make myself, not much in the way of plastic suppliers in Maryland, thanks Zenmaster!)

Undergun bottomline

Stock (piece of 1/4" aluminum bar stock tapped on both ends for 1/4-28)

Foregrip (spare Ray2 grip frame from BE, cut with a hacksaw and epoxied in place)

Daisy point sight

Tactical sling

Spiral ported and mirror polished stock barrel (not used any more, the J&J is much better)

Venturi bolt

J&J 12" medium bore, internally rifled stingray barrel, with 3/4" black PVC shroud

Quick Strip pins

Rear cocking (the vertical piece sticking down right behind the end of the frame)

Cocking slot cover (the metal piece with the 2 black screws in it)

Lowered hopper with clear VL Bow elbow (stock it is 7/8"; modified with a Dremel to .9", the feed port was reduced from 1" to .9" with the Dremel)

Any questions? E-mail Andy!

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