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Ultiray Update! 3/13/99

The Ultiray has taken a new direction today...upon advice from a friend, the expansion chamber is now mounted vertically, as you can see..

The new mount is a piece of aluminium t-bar - pretty simple but a whole new look.

If any one has any questions about my mods , be sure and email me!

The Mechanic

Here are some pics of my Ultiray featuring:

  • Quake's ultimate trigger mod (love it)
  • My double trigger mod (made of delrin)
  • My trigger guard (made of aluminum)
  • My own version of the bottomline (delrin grip insert and aluminum wedge)
  • My own converted 14" PMI Pursuit barrel (no Remora needed)
  • My own forward mounted 6 chamber expansion chamber
  • Polished internals
  • Starfire bolt

The pattern for the 2 finger trigger is from a Spyder Elite SE, so it fits the fingers quite nicely. Here's anmother thought for you to ponder - while i had my friend's Spyder SE in the shop to trace his trigger, I noticed that you could VERY easily make the ENTIRE qrip frame fit to a Ray! So if a guy wanted, well, you get the idea...

A tip on hoses - check your local hardware or auto parts store for grease gun hoses. They're rated at 12,000 psi burst, with a working pressure of 3000 psi. They already have the 1/8" npt ends on 'em too. And they're CHEAP!

Submitted by Mechanic (Brandon Frea)

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