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Surprised you asked WHERE we are playing in Norway. Normally most Americans are content knowing that Norway is basically a cold rock with randomly scattered blond people on it, which actually is quite.... true. We have towns and cities.... sorry, villages. My village is Haugesund (it's south of Bergen and North of Stavanger). I want you to know that I will be quite honored if you include my village on your map (kind of an exotic feature I'd guess - wow, Stingers EVEN in Norway! They wear viking helmets with their JT masks you know!)

You mentioned pictures, yeah I got pictures. They're basically the same stereotypical gun poser type you see most places. They include club members with their 'Rays (one member even has a Norwegian flag on his uniform). I have two photos I'm "proud" of however, they don't show much skin... sorry. One shows 3 guys running towards the camera, 2 guys have 'Rays and one has a VM-68 (sorry about that). It's a bit dark but I think it could work. The other is our first team picture, God (or should I say Odin?) knows we were green then, but our 'Rays served us well. We played with our little innocent cute 40 round hoppers not yet having heard of big bad VL200s (or VL2000s for that matter!) It's quite representative of Norwegian rec-players, with shabby looking newbies strutting their stuff amongst patches of snow. Here in Norway we call the Stingray a "Rokke", the fish that is. Now you know! ;o>

Regards, Olav Roda

Some more pics from Olav:

This one is of my friend Lars with his mask off (not during play though!) with his VM.

This one is my friend Haakon with his mask on (you can really see the "white of the eyes" on this one).

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