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Here is the latest version of the Quakeray. It features a Quake bottomline with a LAPCO dual adapter and pressure gauge, a new LAPCO Remora and Big Shot barrel, a HUGE Russian red dot sight, a Tasco 3-9x32 rifle scope on a custom Quake angled side-mounted sightrail, a new Ray 2 top frame, a custom hand guard, and a custom machined cocking screw.

A view of the left side. The Quakeray has had its internals polished, fresh o-rings installed, and was lubed with synthetic power steering fluid (as an experiment). It also has a Quake Ultimate Trigger Job, and an enlarged velocity screw.

A view of the front. You can clearly see the anti-glare coating (orange) on the objective lens of the red dot sight. The 40mm objective of the Russian sight dwarfs the Tasco scope's 32mm objective.

A closeup of the scope and Russian sight. The Russian red dot sight is very unique and distinctive looking, but I don't know much about it. I got it through Ebay. It came with an instruction booklet, which a Russian friend of mine is currently translating.

A closeup of the scope mount. My new version of the side-mounted sightrail is angled up at a 15 degree angle, to afford more clearance under the scope. The slight up angle allows easier access to the cocking screw. The custom cocking screw is also visible here. My b-in-law, Grog, had it machined for me from stainless steel.

A closeup of the new LAPCO Big Shot barrel. It features a .690 bore, and has a new powder coated finish. Sharp!

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