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These instructions are presented here for informational purposes only. Any modifications you choose to do to your gun, you do so at your own risk. Be sure to REMOVE the CO2 or other gas source from any paintball marker before you attempt disassembly. Wear eye protection when using ANY power tools. If unsure about safely modifying your gun, consult a professional airsmith. Remember, safety must ALWAYS come first!

Quake's Cheap and (relatively) Easy

Laser Projection Sight!

Submitted by Jim (aka Quake)

This is something I've been thinking about ever since my friend, Pavel, gave me a keychain laser pointer for Christmas - adapting it for use as a Laser Projection Sight for my Stingray. The laser itself is very small, a little over 1/2" in diameter and about 2-3/4" long. It's powered by three button cell batteries (4.5vdc total), and has a small pushbutton switch on the side. I first thought of using scope mount rings and putting it on the sight rail. My brother-in-law, Bob, suggested mounting it underneath the barrel, so I could keep my dot sight or scope on the sight rail.

I really liked the idea of mounting it under the barrel, especially since the scope rings were more expensive than I thought they would be! Well, I was wandering around Home Depot one day, looking for ideas (I was originally thinking about plastic pipe), when I saw copper pipe fittings. You know, the kind you solder together. Eureka! I bought a 1/2" copper pipe coupler, a copper pipe strap, a couple of 6-32 x 1/4" machine screws, three 6-32 x 3/8" setscrews, and a 1/2" vinyl cap.

I rushed home (actually, I didn't rush. I only have two speeds - on or off!), and got to work. I smeared a little flux on the strap and coupler, clamped them together with Vise-Grips, heated them up with my handy mini-torch, and sweated (soldered) them together. Wear eye protection when you solder - the flux can pop and fly all over the place! I cooled my new laser mount with some water, and cleaned off the excess flux.

I straightened the ends of the strap a bit, held it in place underneath where the barrel goes into the 'Ray, and marked the two holes in the strap. I drilled through the 'Ray's frame, and tapped the holes with a 6-32 tap. (You could also make your own self-tapping screws as shown on the Tips Page, instead of using a tap.) I screwed the laser mount to the frame with the 6-32 x 1/4" machine screws. The screws stuck through the inside of the frame a bit, as I knew they would, so I ground them off with my Dremel and a round grinding stone. (This is necessary to allow the barrel and shroud to slide in.) I drilled three opposing holes in the end of the laser mount, towards the front of the gun, about 120 degrees from each other. One in the very bottom, and the other two on either side of the frame.

After I tapped the holes with my 6-32 tap, I inserted the three 6-32 x 3/8" setscrews. I cut the vinyl cap, so I was left with an approximate 1/2" wide ring, open on both ends. I swabbed some rubbing alcohol on the inside of the ring, and slipped it over the back end of the laser pointer. Applying some more alcohol to the outside of the ring, I slipped it inside the mount from the back, until the back end of the laser was flush with the back end of the mount. The front of the laser sticks out of the mount about 1-1/2". I rotated the laser so that the switch was pointing to the left side. And, finally, I screwed all three setscrews in evenly, until they all contacted the side of the laser. Voila! Laser sight!

To operate the laser, I press the switch with my left thumb, which is convenient, since my hand is right there anyway, supporting the gun. Adjusting this bad-boy is a bear, though. I had to play with the adjusting setscrews quite a bit to get it just right. I realize that putting a switch in the grip would be much better, but I said this was cheap and easy, didn't I? I am going to add the switch later, but for now, the laser is very functional!

Okay, time for a reality check! A projecting laser sight really isn't that useful in paintball, especially in brush. But it's extremely COOL and fun to use! And hey, there is a certain intimidation factor involved, when your opponent sees that red dot on his chest! (Read Atrial's laser sight story) It might actually come in handy some day, if all you see is a foot sticking out from the side of a tree. (And pre-supposing your 'Ray is accurate enough!)

A couple words of caution though. Never shine the laser directly in someone's eyes! Chances are the laser is not powerful enough to cause any eyesight damage, but why take chances? Also, using the laser in fog or smoke will point directly back to you, revealing your position (if you're hidden).

Sting with Honor!

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