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Quake's Stingtail Squeegie

Submitted by Jim (aka Quake)

This is a cheap, easy to make, yet effective squeegie that you can pull right through the feed port, without removing the barrel. Here's what you'll need:

Cut two 1" (approx.) diameter discs from the sponge. I used a 7/8" arch punch, but you could use a short length of 1" copper pipe. Just sharpen one open end with a Dremel or round file, and use it to punch out discs from the sponge. Scissors should work also, just cut the discs as round as possible. You want them slightly larger than the inside diameter of the barrel. Tie a slip-knot in one end of the nylon cord. (If you don't know how to tie a slip knot, ask a Boy Scout!) Put the cloth through the loop, and pull it snug. Slip one of the pony beads over the cord, and slide it to the slip knot. Next, put on one of the washers and sponge discs. Tie a knot above the first sponge, leaving room to loosen the slip knot, when you replace the cloth. Refering to the diagram, put the the rest of the pieces on the cord - bead, nylon washer, sponge disc. I poked a hole through the center of each sponge with a small sharpened dowel, then pushed the cord through with the same dowel.

Tie a knot in the cord, above the second sponge, so everything stays on the cord. You can trim the length of the cord now, according to your barrel length. Cut the cord about 6" longer than your longest barrel. This will leave enough to go all the way through the barrel.

Using the squeegie is simplicity itself - remove your hopper, make sure the bolt is pulled back (cocked) and your safety is on, then just the cord through the feed port and out the end of the barrel. Pointing the barrel down will allow gravity to help. Grab the cord, and pull it slowly and evenly though the barrel, repeating as necessary. You may need to guide the sponge discs a bit as they enter the feed port and make that hard right turn into the barrel. If you have trouble getting the nylon cord to go through the barrel, try putting a 14" length of 1/4" ID vinyl tubing over the nylon cord. Makes it much easier to slip it through the barrel.

Check the size of the cloth - you might need a larger or smaller piece depending on its thickness. You need enough material to dry the barrel as thoroughly as possible when it is pulled through.

I used all plastic, nylon, and wood parts to keep from scratching the inside of the barrel. That aluminum is pretty soft!

Options: You could use neoprene or rubber discs instead of the sponge. If you use rubber, make sure it's soft, and cut perfectly round. If you can find 11/16" O.D. rubber washers, they should work. They have to be snug enough to "swipe" the wet paint out of the barrel.

You could use insulated wire instead of the nylon cord. 18 or 20 gauge stranded wire should be about right. The stiffness of the wire might make it easier to put it through the barrel. You can actually tie knots in the wire. Just be sure none of the strands are sticking out. It hurts when they poke you!

You also might be able to use very heavy monofilament, like the cutting line from a Weedeater. The only problem with that, might be the ability to tie knots in it.

Make sure your Stingray is cocked and the safety is on. Push the end of the squeegie cord through the feedport and into the barrel.
Keep pushing the cord until it sticks out the end of the barrel.
Pull on the cord, gently but firmly, while simultaneously guiding the sponges into the feedport.
Pull it slowly and evenly, all the way out. Clean the paint off the squeegie with a rag. You may have to repeat the process a few times to get all the paint out.

Now go out and sting somebody - but do it honorably!

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