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The Stingray paintball gun, manufactured by Brass Eagle®, is loved by many and hated by some. The Stingray is an open bolt, blow back, semi-automatic paintball marker, with an indestructable polymer frame. There are two versions of the 'Ray, the Stingray 1 (no longer in production) and the Stingray 2 (the current version).

The Stingray is an entry level, very inexpensive gun designed for the novice paintball player (affectionately known as a "Newbie"). Although it is the least expensive, by far, of the semi-automatic guns, it is still very rugged and functional. Like ANY marker, the 'Ray requires periodic maintenance. If it is cleaned and oiled properly every time it's used, it is every bit as reliable as guns costing hundreds of dollars more.

Also known as the "tinker's gun", the Stingray is very easy to modify and upgrade. With almost no out of pocket expense, in just a few hours your 'Ray can have a short, crisp trigger pull; increased rate of fire; better gas efficiency; and be as accurate, if not more so, than one of today's high-tech (read "expensive") markers. (See our Modifications Page and our Links Page for links to websites with modification info)

Parts are incredibly inexpensive for the Stingray (a Stingray 2 barrel costs $7.50!), and are readily available. You can experiment with the 'Ray, like porting the barrel, and if you mess up, no big deal! What other paintball gun can make that claim? (See our Parts Guide for part numbers, and our Links Page for links to parts suppliers) The polymer body accepts paint very readily. Many Stingers customize their guns with camoflage paint jobs, and even the granite look!

Most of the common aftermarket add-ons that are available for other markers are available for the 'Ray. Things like bottomline setups, power feeds, barrels, hoppers, sights, etc. See our Accessories and Reviews pages for more information.

The Stingray is perhaps the most misunderstood, and most verbally attacked paintball gun in the sport of paintball. The vast majority of complaints (it's cheap, it's plastic, it's unreliable, it's unaccurate) are either untrue and spoken out of ignorance (or arrogance!), or can be fixed very simply. (see above) Stingers are never arrogant or boastful, but are very friendly and helpful. We, perhaps more than any other group in paintball, understand the plight of the Newbie. If you are a new or novice player, and you see a player with a Stingray, you have found an instant friend. Feel free to ask us questions or for advice. Remember, the only stupid question is an unasked question.

The original Stingray, known as the "Stingray 1", is no longer in production. However, there are literally thousands of Stingray 1's being used every week. All parts for the 'Ray 1 are still available.

The major and most noticeable difference between the 'Ray 1 and 2, is the barrel and barrel shroud. The 'Ray 1 has a slightly longer barrel, which is completely enclosed by a shroud made from the same rugged polymer as the rest of the body. It also has an odd sized feed port, and requires a special elbow to use an aftermarket hopper. (Or you can sand or file the inside diameter of a 1" aftermarket elbow to 1-1/16". See our Technical Questions page.) The 'Ray 2 has a shorter, thicker barrel, without a shroud. The barrel shroud on the 'Ray 1 has a ventilated rib, and an integral front sight. Shown in this photo is a Stingray 1, with a "point sight" attached. Also shown in the pic is a barrel plug, a 12 gram adapter, a Leader face mask, a squeegie, hopper elbow, and stock 40 round hopper.

Most players power their Stingray, 1 or 2, with a CO2 cylinder attached to the gun's "CA" adapter. CO2 cylinders, available in 3.5, 4.5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 15, and 20 ounce sizes (12 ounce pictured), give you many more shots than the 20-40 you'll get from a 12 gram. Some Stingers use a "bottomline" setup, which mounts the cylinder under the grip. The 'Ray will also operate on high pressure compressed air and nitrogen. More information on powering your Stingray can be found on our Accessories and Gas pages.

The Stingray 2, the current version, is mechanically very similar to the earlier Stingray 1 version. The most obvious difference is the barrel. The 'Ray 2 has a shorter, thicker barrel without a shroud. It also has no front sight. Although it still has a rear sight, it's basically useless without the front sight for proper alignment. However, the integral sight rail will accept any normal "point sight", rifle or pistol scope, or even a laser sight, as long as the sight has a standard 3/8" dovetail mount. See our Sights page for more information. The 'Ray 2 has a standard sized feed port, and will accept a standard 1" elbow for use with an aftermarket hopper.

All of the mechanical modifications that can be done to the 'Ray 1 can also be done to the 'Ray 2. To date, we haven't heard of anybody experimenting with porting the barrel of the Stingray 2, but as soon as we get any info, we'll include it here. If you have done any experimenting yourself, send us an e-mail and we'll get it posted!

Both Stingrays dissassemble easily through the use of five pins. Aftermarket "quick strip pins" are available.

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