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The wait has ended... The Remora is here!

LAPCO Paintball and STING (the Stingray Toters INternet Group) are very excited to announce the newest innovation for Stingrays - The Remora. The Remora is an adapter which will fit either the Stingray I or Stingray II, and allow you to use screw-in Spyder barrels! This dramatically increases the number of choices you have when selecting an after-market barrel.

LAPCO's aluminum and stainless steel barrels can now be used on your 'Ray. For a truly awesome combination, try a LAPCO Autospirit stainless barrel with the Remora. Let the unbelievers beware!


These participating Mail Order companies have the Remora in stock now.
They are StingRay-friendly dealers. They can provide you with the Remora, a LAPCO Syder barrel to fit, and a custom Barrel Plug.
East BullsEye Paintball & Supplies    Graham NC 910-570-0363
West Paintball Paradise      San Francisco CA 415-552-5335
North Splat "You're Out" Blaine MN  612-780-6973
South G3 Paintball    Tulsa OK 918-438-4646

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