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Probably the first after-market accessory most Stingers purchase for their 'Ray is some sort of sight. There is a "dovetail mount" or sight rail, on top of the 'Ray, between the feed tube and the rear sight, which will accept any sight or rifle scope which has a standard 3/8" dovetail mounting system. The "red dot" sights are the most common.

A red dot sight is mounted on top of the 'Ray, and has windage and elevation adjustments, for zeroing in the sight. You keep both eyes open, and look through or accross the sight at your target. A red dot will appear on your target (similar to the drawing at left). It looks like a laser sight, but does not project. There is a light emitting diode inside the sight, which reflects on the front lens. The sight operates on a battery.

There is also a type of red dot sight which does not use a battery. A red dot reflects on the front lens, just like an electronic sight. Obviously, this type of sight will not operate in the dark. Red dot sights can cost $15 to $100, and more.

Brass Eagle's own Daisy Electronic Point Sight is an inexpensive, battery powered, red dot sight. It has a standard 3/8" dovetail mount, adjustment screws, and an on-off switch. It runs on a 3 volt lithium disc battery, which is included. For about $15 (K-Mart and Wal-Mart both sell them), you can't go wrong! Pretty darn good sight for the money.



Russian Electronic Sight

An unusal sight is this Russian Electronic. Operation is similar to a standard red dot sight. Check out Renegade's review of it.

The Adco Champ sight is very popular (pictured at left). Unlike the Daisy sight, it is enclosed, and sits higher above the gun. It also has a larger 30mm lens. It has a 3/8" dovetail mount, windage adjustment screw, knurled knob elevation adjuster, and uses a 3 volt lithium disc battery. The Champ runs in the $25 to $35 range.

One of Adco's newest sights is the Vision 2000. (pictured at right) It has a larger, square lens for a better field of view, and is more expensive.

To learn more about these and the rest of Adco's sights, visit the Adco Website.


One of the newest sights available is the Copperhead from Crosman Airguns. Similar in style to the Champ, it has two brightness settings, metal mounting brackets, and screw elevation and windage adjusters. At around $15, it's also one of the least expensive. Visit the Crosman website for more information.



In Quake's humble opinion, the Aimpoint 5000-2X is the absolute ULTIMATE red-dot sight available. 8 brightness settings, and 2X magnification. Costing many times what a new Stingray 2 costs, means Quake isn't going to have one anytime soon. The mounting rings alone cost more than a 'Ray!

But hey, we can dream, can't we?

An inexpensive, simple and functional alternative to electronic dot sights is the Sight Rail from LAPCO. Mounting on the Stingray 1 or 2's dovetail, it gives the shooter a visual reference for windage and elevation. Also great as a backup to a broken or inoperative red dot sight.



If you choose to use a rifle scope on your Stingray, just about any with a 3/8" dovetail mount will do. Try to find one with a large field of view and not much magnification. Remember, you'll be wearing your mask, and you may need a scope and/or mount which raises it higher above the gun than usual.

Of course, many players use the Stingray 1's built-in sights, or don't use a sight at all. The choice is yours. Talk to other players, shoot guns with different sights mounted on them if possible, before you decide.

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