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We are "Stingers"!

Stingers are paintball players who happen to own and/or love the Stingray semi-automatic paintball marker, made by Brass Eagle©. We believe the 'Ray, with the proper modifications and in the right hands, is a force to be reckoned with! We also believe that the 'Ray, in its unaltered stock form, is an excellent beginner's gun. With proper maintenance (which ALL paintball guns require) it is a very rugged and reliable marker.

There are many, many brands and types of paintball guns on the market today. We're not here to belittle any of them. The vast majority of them are high quality markers. But we are sick and tired of all the negative feelings surrounding the Stingray, just because it happens to be the least expensive semi-auto marker in the industry. For just a few dollars more than a pump-gun, a beginner or novice can own a semi-automatic gun, and stand a chance of holding his or her own against the veritable plethora of wanton paint slinging that is permeating our sport today. Don't insult us just because we didn't spend a king's ransom on our guns. We don't insult you.

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Keep Stingin'!

Our Mission Statement

As Stingers, we feel it is our mission in life to:

Our Statement of Purpose

By Chris Cotner

STING is a grassroots movement which aims to improve the sport of paintball as a whole, which includes but is not limited to helping Stingray owners improve their markers and their play.

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