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Here in brief is how I built my Stingray. First I made some scale drawings of my stock Stingrays internals, and I recorded all their dimensions. Over these drawings I drew various body designs until I decided on one. Then came late nights and long weekends in front of a milling machine and lathe, machining blocks of billet aluminum into the two body halves, trigger frame, expansion chamber, and its mounting block. I then made an aluminum sleeve to go over the factory barrel, and welded them together. Then I machined a new hammer tube out of brass and a new aluminum end cap for it.Then using jeweler's rouge and a polishing pad mounted to an electric drill I polished all to a mirror finish.

Internal Modifications are many. Some of the more unusual include a faced-off valve seal retainer, a faced-off hammer (pin lengthened), ported and polished valve stem, and the installation of a speed demon internal velocity adjuster. After all this 300+fps became a reality. I used a Ram line pistol grip and covered the expansion chamber with a padded grip.An aluminum trigger and trigger job along with a raised dovetail sight rail are next.

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