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Here are pics of my Stingray. I have added a 14" aluminum barrel from I&I Sports. Also added a starfire bolt. I used Quake's bottom-line block and a bottom-line kit for an F4 Illustrator (including 4 stage ACI expansion chamber). Cut down trigger guard, and fabricated my own double-trigger using the trigger from an old pellet pistol and 3,000 psi epoxy. I made my own foregrip (a prize if you can guess what it is made of) and mounted it in a rather unorthodox (but comfortable) position. The trigger adjustment modification is a hybrid of Quake's ideas and an idea that a friend of mine had. The front adjustment screw does not look as good as Quake's but it was simpler and it does work.

The paint job was done using Testor's model paint in OD green and flat black. I did the green and my wife patterned the black (thanks babe). I also did the rear-cocking mod and am working on a suitable cover for the cocking slot in the side. All internals are polished. I would like to say thanks to all the guys who post on the Sting forum where most of the modification ideas come from.

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