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LAPCO Paintball produces some of the highest quality and most innovative products in the paintball industry, like their amazingly accurate Autospirit barrels. LAPCO has supported S.T.I.N.G. from the very beginning. They also take Stingrays very seriously. LAPCO doesn't scoff at the 'Ray, instead they view it as a permanent part of paintball. The Remora barrel adapter is arguably the most exciting thing to ever happen to Stingrays. With this one inexpensive device, LAPCO changed forever the status of the 'Ray. LAPCO is currently working on another Stingray specific item, the Bottomline Block.

Unlike the currently available commercially made bottomlines, the LAPCO block will allow the use of the original bottomline (duckbill), and will give the Stinger much more versatility. The new bottomline block should be available in early August.

S.T.I.N.G.'s policy has always been to support those who support us. The good Lord knows we take enough flak over our choice of paintball markers. It's refreshing to deal with a company that instead of belittling, encourages us to make our 'Rays the best they can be. Thanks, Colin!

In addition to the Remora, LAPCO also has some wonderful "Doodads" which can be used to customize your 'Ray. There is the Sight Rail, an inexpensive alternative to electronic sighting systems. There are also the following:

The Bottomline

LAPCO invented the Bottomline in 1989, so they know how to make them right. The Bottomline (aka "duckbill") allows one to mount the CO2 tank in a different location. With a Bottomline Block you can mount the tank under the grip in the traditional bottomline configuration, either rearward or forward facing. You can also use the Bottomline to make a Vertical Mount or a Horizontal Mount.

The Reducer

The Reducer is an ASA adapter, which mounts in the donkey of your 'Ray. It has male ASA threads on one end, and female 1/8" NPT threads in the other. This is one of the basic building blocks to alternative CO2 tank mounts. With the proper adapters, the Reducer allows you to connect a hose from a bottomline, vertical, remote, etc., to your Stingray.

The Dual Adapter

The Dual Adapter is a pretty slick little doodad. It has male ASA threads on one end, female ASA threads in the other, and female 1/8" NPT threads in the side. Installed in the donkey, this allows you to run dual cylinders as shown on our Dual 'Ray page. You can put one tank in the back of the dual adapter, and with an adapter, run a hose to the second tank. You can also put a reducer in the dual adapter and use two hoses, as shown on the Side by Side 'Ray page. The dual adapter also has a built-in simple expansion chamber.

The Piggyback Adapter

The Piggyback adapter does exactly that - it allows you to "piggyback" two 7 oz. (or similar diameter) tanks side by side on the bottomline block. It will also mount the tanks in an over/under configuration. Constructed of aluminum, it has pre-drilled holes to mount two two-hole or three-hole Bottomlines. Check out Quake's Side by Side 'Ray for more information.

The Wedge

This simple device, when used with a bottomline on a flat bottomline block, mounts the tank at a 7 degree downward angle.

Anti-Syphon Adapter

This new device solves the age old problem of matching any Anti Syphon (AS) tank to any gun with a bottom line. The main body has both male and female ASA threads.

Thread the device into the bottom line, then screw in any empty AS tank. Once the tank is secured, turn the device until the "up" marks on the AS tank are vertical. Then lock the large nut against the bottom line. This is all it takes to install the device.

As you can see, the device consists of two parts. This was done as a safety measure. If the device somehow vibrates loose, with a charged tank installed, the CO2 will vent to the atmosphere instead of blowing the tank off the back.

Universal Fill Adapter

The new LAPCO Universal Fill Adapter has a few tricks up its sleeve. The large round knob is easy to grip, even when using gloves. It is part of an integral, one piece internal valve. The one piece design eliminates the possibility of pieces coming loose inside the unit. The valve o-ring is a standard AutoMag power tube polyurethane o-ring. This makes replacement very simple.   

This unit is ideal for remote operation. After you unscrew the knob to shut off the tank, you can continue to unscrew the knob a bit. This causes the line to vent to the atmosphere. Then you can remove the tank easily, without damaging the tank o-ring.

For more information on these and other LAPCO products, be sure to visit their extensive website. LAPCO doesn't sell direct, instead they sell through their extensive dealer network. While not all of their dealers will have in stock all of these items, any dealer will be able to order them for you. If you have problems finding any of these items, try contacting G3 Paintball. Terry Garrett at G3 is a very nice guy, and is incredibly knowledgeable about LAPCO products and paintball in general.

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