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Here are a few pics of my modified 'Ray I. Shoots much straighter than before. I'm going to have a piece of Delrin or acetal plastic machined to fit that angle just in front of the trigger. I will be able to mount the LAPCO bottomline adapter on the machined block, and depending on the weather, mount the tank vertically, or forward horizontally.

Keep on stingin'!

Submitted by Mike "MaxHavoc" Simmons

Submitted by Kolea

Here are some pics after more mods have been done. The addition of a 9oz on a Quake nylon bottomline to a PMI Perfect Ex-Chamber connected with a 5000psi hose. (I have a s/s on order because it is so ugly). The quick disconnect pins and the venturi-bolt. I went ahead and had the bbl and shroud threaded to mate them w/out worry of problems. The 9oz is in perfect placement, I guess by luck, as I can place the marker in the pocket of my shoulder and the red-dot is on target without moving my head at all. There is a small interference with my mask but it is negligible. The Shroud that is shown here and the previous pics was made by a friend of mine with some pvc that we had picked up. He did most of the work and did all of the porting. Great job huh? He is kewl that way!! He has a Talon that has been tricked to the max. Great shot too as he hit me from about 20 yds across a field in the chest... luck hmmmm? No he is a good shot!! Submitted by Rick Webb

Submitted by Mykeman

As I promised, I'm sending a picture of my "Rifle Ray" which I described on the STING forum. My Kodak DC20 digital camera is having some trouble with resolution, so the pic is kind of low-quality. The Rifle Ray idea came to me after I was playing a game with a few friends. I'm used to shouldering a 'gun, and the 12 gram QC dug into my shoulder, and it was also too close to my mask. I'm sure most of us grew up with toy guns, I certainly did, and to my dismay (and later delight) I came across an old toy M-16. But this was no ordinary toy M-16, no, this was made by Daisy. The barrel had broken off, and the inside was pretty messed up. So, I sawed off the stock, cut a notch into it and attached it to my Ray II. The notch allows access to my QC. I can now effectively shoulder it. Submitted by Steve Schrubbe

This is my Stingray 2. I have had it for about 3 months. It is my first gun and I have done some modifications to it. I got a barrel off of a Spitfire (my friend's) and took it to the bench grinder and made it fit. Then I went to Wal-Mart and got some model paint. The origional idea was to splash it, but I took the silver paint and went crazy. It turned out looking pretty cool. Submitted by Jeff Brandow

Here is my Stingray 2 with an All American 14" brass rifled and spiral ported barrel, and have done the trigger mods as well as the polish ones too. Made a spiral ported shroud and an over the changer temporary stock. I am still using 12gr CO2. I want to keep it a little fair for my buds who are using highly modified talons! I am attempting to die my own two finger trigger with the mods in the design. I will soon go to a bottom line using the gas thru as an expansion valve and as soon as my shop gets their order in I will add the venturi bolt. All for much less than I would have spent on an Edge!! I am gratefull. I have a great gun and paint and pizza and beer.....All is good!! Submitted by Rick Webb

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